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General  "T-R-A-V-E-L"  list

T - Take only what you actually need for a trip - don't over-pack.  If you don't wear something at home, the chances are that you won't wear it on your trip either.  Take less and you will travel cheaper (no check-in luggage fees), travel faster (no waiting for your bags) and travel easier (less to lug around).

R - Research your destination and then leave the guidebook at home. Photocopy the pages that you will actually need. It saves weight and space and you can discard them after you're finished with them. Learn a few useful words of the local language and then use them. Use a local guide when visiting cultural monuments and you will learn a lot more.

A - Avoid carrying a wallet in your back pocket or carrying a handbag only over your shoulder. Be sure to look around whenever you get up to leave somewhere (chair at the airport, cafe, bar, etc.) to make sure you haven't left anything behind.

V - Verify airport codes on your checked bags. Learn your destination airport codes (which are not always intuitive) and make sure the tags match your destination. It will also help you find your checked bag if the bag itself is unusual in some respect - ribbons, bows, etc. can easily get torn off in transport.

E - Expect the unexpected and embrace it. Your travel will be a lot less stressful if you can maintain a   positive attitude. Getting angry is pretty much wasted energy and usually has the effect of discouraging people from helping you resolve issues.

L - Leave space in your plans for an impromptu adventure. Sometimes the most interesting,  unusual or humorous memories of a trip happen on the fly.


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Testimonials from our customers:



It was wonderful! We had a great time, all of the connections were done with ease! It was a much needed vacation for us. Loved Florence!

Beautiful country, interesting people, lots of history. I’m still amazed at how people drive in Rome! They are crazy! They also park in a crazy way. Matt loved it and now have the international travel bug! Thanks again! Deb


We have been home from our Rome trip for a couple weeks now and are still basking in the joy and awe of our experience.  Your arrangements for our travel came off without a hitch.  The ordination and the beauty of Rome was an experience of a lifetime!  Thanks for all your help!  Michael and Susan


I just wanted to drop you a few lines as we just got back last night from Mexico staying at the UNICO Resort.  This was easily the best trip Courtney and I have ever been on.  The resort was incredible and everything was seamless.  (Customs in Mexico was terrible, but that’s to be expected).  The quality and friendliness of the entire staff was amazing.  The food and the drink was the best we’ve ever experienced and the resort itself was extremely clean and well laid out.  And the view from our room……almost seemed fake it was so incredible.  We’re hoping to plan another trip to UNICO again in the future.  Thanks again for the recommendation and the setup of this trip!   Dave & Courtney


Let me begin by saying "Thanks so much!" for doing such a good job booking our cruise to Alaska.  We had an absolutely wonderful time!! The weather was cool and rainy the whole time but it didn't put a damper on our trip at all. My favorite village was Sitka. It was so quaint and beautiful and everyone was so nice!   We are looking forward to taking another Holland America cruise at some point down the road! We were thinking the east coast starting near Boston and going up into Canada. Thanks so much Valerie, for helping us make this trip a reality. I know it was short notice but you really pulled it together and got it done!
We will contact you when we are ready to travel again!!    Barb and Rick
We loved CIE Tours.  Our driver was from Ireland and our guide was from Scotland.  He could not have been any better. Everyone loved him. We also had a wonderful group of people in the group. We saw many wonderful places and were so amazed with the Military Tattoo. It was super! It rained quite a bit in Scotland, but it held off during the Tattoo. Thanks for recommending CIE Tours.  Sandy and Al